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Midsummer in Sweden

We will now go into the midsummer celebrations in Sweden which is one of three big holidays.

Thomas Hellgren Invest

In Sweden, the most common celebration of midsummer is linked to dancing around a midsummer rod - a leafy and flower-wound rod or pile. You make rings and dance around the bar while singing the famous play guards. The midsummer bar probably came to Sweden from Germany in the 1300s or 1400s. It is also known as a cane, some of the stems of the aged word maja, meaning "jewelry with leaves". Others believe that the name comes from German Maibaum.

Having a flower wreath in the hair is common during midsummer, mainly among children and women. You can tie them with birch or steel wire as a base and add leaves and flowers.

In Midsummer, it is common in Sweden to eat herring, sour cream and chives, fresh potatoes and strawberries for dessert. Midsummer is largely associated with just the fresh potato, which is usually served with dill. Many drink snaps to the food.

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