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Progrits and Bilvision acquires Bilprospekt

The market's smoothest and most user-friendly service to maximize your vehicle sales is now a part of Bilvision. Bilvision is a subsidiary of Progrits AB.

- "We started Bilprospekt with the goal of renewing and simplifying the way car dealership generates leads and converting them to satisfied customers. We now feel that we are ready to take the next step and when we looked around for a broader context, Bilvision was the perfect match. This will make it easier for the users. ", says Andrée Heino and Niklas Silfverström, founders of Bilprospekt.

Bilprospekt Sverige AB is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bilvision Group and continues with an unchanged organization operating from the office in Helsingborg.

- "Together, we will continue to develop Bilprospekt and also integrate the service so that it can be easily accessed via In this way, all our customers can easily access Bilprospekt's service offerings" ,says Björn Ekström, CEO of Bilvision.

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