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Check out your vehicles with Vagnparksbevakning

Vagnparksbevakning in Bilvision is the service for you who want to be top of your fleet. With the service you will have an overwiev of all your vehicles.Through your login in Bilvision you set up your own surveillance based on the parameters and vehicle information that is interesting for you to keep track of.

Create surveillance on:

  • Newly purchased vehicles

  • Divested vehicles that no longer belong to the organization

  • Date of inspection

  • Reinspection

  • Driving ban

  • Address or branch change

  • Changes in Credit & Leasing

Once the report is set up, you will receive continuous updates based on your needs on your fleet with notifications of changes and upcoming events. With Vagnparksbevakning, you do not have to work with paper reports and / or Excel files to handle your organization's fleet. Here you have everything collected in a report and you have full control of the changes and events that occur. For more information about Vagnparksbevakning, do not hesitate to contact us at or why not book a meeting with one of our sales representatives.

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