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Waste treatment in Eastern Europe

There is a large need for waste treatment in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe will have to implement the Landfill Directive (EU’s and or other) as every other country has.This results in a large potential for the construction of new WtE facilities.

Investments Considerations

  • Renewable energy is still, despite its massive growth over the last decade and the impacts of the financial crisis in Europe and the US, the most dynamic investment field for both yield and value investors.

  • The yields in the broader fixed income markets have over a long period been at historical lows, driving investors in to exotic alternatives to get needed returns.

  • The volatility of the stock market, in combination with placement restrictions, is driving long-term money in search of other sources of business. Energy production is to a great degree not correlated to other asset classes.

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns, low volatility and minimal correlation to traditional capital market investments.

  • The political support for new energy capacity is unbroken, and the regulatory situation has been stable in most market and transparency is increasing.

  • High need, especially in Eastern-Europe, for both energy production and handling the household waste situation.


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