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Make a laugh with us!

Progrit's success is based on the ability to capture and retain committed employees with their own drive, who wants to take responsibility and develop. In comfortable working environments with charming rooms, different personalities and nationalities, as well as very much laughter.

Together, we almost succeed, even though the conditions are not always optimal. We are serious, but in no way to serious!

About Progrits

We are a Nordic Group, which today consists of about ten entrepreneurial companies that strive for constant development with our customers. We develop our own software and operate in three main areas: Vehicles, Travel and E-commerce.

The name Progrits comes from the term "grit" - a personality trait found in people who succeed despite the fact that the conditions are not always optimal. This is something we like to see in the people who work in our companies.

Develop locally and develop globally - You become an important player in the local company and your effort makes a difference, really. At the same time, our group of companies means a safer opportunity for you as an employee with great development opportunities in the future.

Connect with us and we will tell you more!

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