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Progrits acquire 2MA Technology AB

It is with great pleasure that we welcome another company into Progrits! The tech company 2MA Technology from Härnösand brings a strong business, good knowledge and optimism for the future.

2MA Technology AB is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Progrit Group. 2MA's market-leading system for booking, administration and analysis of major vehicle fleets is used all the way from LKAB's mines in the north to Ystad municipality in the south. Now the acquisition will help 2MA to take further steps in the market - and that brings great optimism for the future.

- We felt great joy when the acquisition was completed. It has been a long process, but in the end it was clearly worth all the work. We know that there are many steps on the way forward, but both the path and the goal feel clearer with the Progrits behind it. This gives us and our customers greater security for the future, and ensures continued development together, says Mathias Johansson, CEO and co-founder of 2MA Technology.

No less than 1,000 customers and 10,000s of daily users, mainly public organizations and companies, use 2MA's solutions for their professional cars, company cars and vans. Mathias and the company's other shareholders, who are all involved in the acquisition, believe in collaborations and knowledge exchanges as significant ingredients for an even stronger offering.

- Everyone wants to be involved and see how far we can take the company, but we need a little traction and input. Since the first contact with Progrits, it has felt good all the way and it will be exciting to get to know Progrits more. We are convinced that synergies with the Group's other companies will mean products that make our customers even more satisfied, says Mathias Johansson.

This is also very positive news for Progrits. Björn Ekström, CEO of Progrits, not only sees great opportunities in 2MA, but also good chemistry between the company and the group's other subsidiaries.

- During the acquisition process, it became clear that there is a very large potential in 2MA. Like several of the Group's companies, they develop software that is a leader in their fields. The same applies to the people in the company, who will add important knowledge and grit in the group's common path forward, says Björn.

Thomas Hellgren Invest AB is a shareholder of Progrits AB and Progrits is a valuable asset in the portfolio.


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